Fuel Catalyst not an Additive

Solving Global Warming at its source.



What is JBM Manna Catalyst?


JBM Manna Catalyst is a Filipino invention extracted from leaves of locally grown trees, herbs and plants, which are available all year round and inexhaustible in the Philippines and within the Tropical countries especially in Far East Asia. The extracts of these leaves were mixed with a very small percentage of fuel and further processed with an enzyme.


JBM Manna Catalyst has passed the rigors of time and competition, as it has withstood for the last 10 years. It has passed all laboratory tests from Government Regulatory bodies like the Department of Energy, Department of Environment and Natural Resources and Department of Science and Technology. JBM Manna Catalyst has obtained Certificates of Emissions Tests from both Public and Private entities. 


JBM Manna Catalyst is the HOPE and the solution to our present crisis of Global warming or Climate Change.