Fuel Catalyst not an Additive

Solving Global Warming at its source.



JBM Manna Catalyst is a product of JBM Manna , a single proprietorship of the unpopular and humble inventor (Name withheld for his own protection). We intentionally edited this page as some individuals with wicked intentions are also trying to hack the FB account.


The inventor traces his roots from the Ilocandia and made his way to college through his own efforts. He once taught in two Colleges but later found himself in the province to work on his calling. He became Chairman of a farmers association, covering at least two provinces until he started to do research on the Fuel enhancers.


From the extracts and enzymes of selected trees and herbs, he experimented and developed what is now called the JBM Manna Catalyst. The mixture of the Catalyst originally came from fourteen (14) different leaves but improvements have been made until it was perfected. JBM Manna Catalyst have been tested and has passed the requirements of different Government laboratories like the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Department of Energy (DOE) and Department of Science and Technology (DOST). JBM Manna Catalyst have joined exhibits and have been featured as best invention to really reduce toxic gasses. It has joined the following:

1. Linis Hangin-Bantay Tambutso in January 27, 2005 : Sponsored by DENR-EMB

2. North MVIS Emission Test in February 21, 2005: Land Transportation Office at Diliman, Quezon City

3. Clean Air Month: Clean Air Act in November 26, 2005 : Sponsored by DENR at Quezon City Memorial

4. Smoke Belching Tests: Clean Air Project July 8, 2006: With DENR Puerto Princesa, Philippines

5.  Philippine Environmental Friendly Corp November 23, 2006: With Bureau of Equipment, DPWH


There have been continuous use and others testing of JBM Catalysts by different sectors including the National Power Corporation, some Steel Companies and other individual tricycle, jeepney and bus companies.  


The inventor has undergone the difficulty of pushing his product to the market. He has partnered with different enterprising individuals and formed marketing corporations with the hope of bringing the invention to proper use, but all these Corporations failed.  It was only lately that new personalities have shown serious intention to really  introduce the product to the market and bring awareness to businessmen and government officials that we have a Filipino invention that can help in our fight against Global Warming. 


By using JBM Manna Catalyst, we can create a WIN-WIN situation, for both the Government through the continuation of the EVAT and Carbon Credit Trading, and the Transport sector through savings.


 The most important of using JBM Manna Catalyst is the reduction and cure of toxic emissions in our environment.