Fuel Catalyst not an Additive

Solving Global Warming at its source.


Besides the issue of economic meltdown, the biggest problem facing the world now is Global Warming or Climate Change. The world has already felt the effects of Global Warming and has already taken the lives of of our populace by the thousands and infrastructures by the billions worth. 


The main culprit on Climate Change are the Greenhouse Gasses (GHGs) being emitted into the atmosphere like Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Monoxide, Surfur Oxide, Nitrogen Oxide and others. These GHGs are commonly termed simply as Carbon Dioxide or CO2. Once in the atmosphere,  the Carbon Dioxide can stay there up to 100 years.

Worldwide, we see the effects of Global Warming as :

> Receding snow pack

> Oceanic warming and acidification

> Disappearance of the arctic sea ice

> Heavier storms and intense draughts

> Rising sea level due to rise in temperature:

    *  At more 2.4 degrees = Coral reefs may become extinct

    * At more than 3.4 degrees = Rainforest may become desert

    * At 4.4 degrees = Continuous melting of ice caps and severe heatwaves

The seas could rise by five (5) meters which could wipe out low lying areas and displace population by the millions in the whole world. In the Philippines, the low lying areas such as Mactan-Leyte, North east Metro Manila, Bulacan-Pampanga, West coast of Pangasinan and some other areas are very much vulnerable to floods. A one (1) meter rise of sea level,  as presented by one respected University, is projected to inundate :

     * 3,781.89 hectares i Zamboanga del Sur

     * 3,274.02 hectares in Zamboanga Sibugay 

     * 1,057.05 hectares in Zamboanga del Norte

     * 2,268 hectares in Camarines Sur

     * 7,972.83 hectares in the Municipality of Pata and Marunggas

     * And many other low lyng areas in the whole world.

Print, Radio, Television and the internet are being swarmed by issues on the effects of Global warming but we still do not see specific concrete solution being implemented.