Fuel Catalyst not an Additive

Solving Global Warming at its source.


Awareness on the effects of Global Warming or Climate Change is increasing due to programs being implemented by different organizations throughout the globe. The "Incovenient Truth" by the former Vice President of the USA, Al Gore, has done a great initiative in coming out with presentations to inform about this impending catastrophe.


Different ideas came about like Carbon Sequestration, Mechanical Inventions and different kinds of additives. What is very much interesting is the rise and popularity of organic biofuels, which can be either blended with existing fuels or as a direct fuel themselves. Along this line is the JBM Manna Catalyst which was proven to reduce toxic emissions from any Petroleum Fuel (Gasoline, Diesel, Bunker) fed mechanical equipment. The main sources of Greenhouse Gasses (GHGs) are the Transport Sector (Land, Sea, Air), Bunker fuel users and Coal fired power plants. The use of JBM Manna Catalyst by these sectors can greatly reduce toxic emissions into the air, resulting to cleaner environment and reducing the rise of temperature. 


JBM Manna Catalyst cracks the molecular contents of both engine motor oil and fuel oil at low temperature, which results to complete burning of the fuel. As such, there will be minimum to none toxic emissions. Tests results revealed that the use of JBM Manna Catalyst can reduce up to 80% of CO/CO2 emissions from vehicles and bunker fuel fed companies.