Fuel Catalyst not an Additive

Solving Global Warming at its source.



If I tell you there is a product you can use that would increase your car's horsepower, decrease its emissions, and get you better fuel mileage, you will probably be fully interested in it or you may think I am completely out of my mind. Well, here is a product that can do all of the above. Most fuel catalysts are simply chemicals, usually in the form of liquid or pills, which you can add into your gas tank. After just a short period of time, you will get better fuel mileage, more power, and can help a lot in the preservation of  the environment. Fuel catalysts work in all vehicles like cars, vans, and SUVs; they also work in motorcycles, boats, RVs, farm equipment, generators, and almost anything that uses petroleum based fuels.

You might be wondering what these catalysts are, what they do and how they work. A catalyst in a reaction is an extra ingredient that makes a reaction go faster and more efficient. So that In the case of  fuel catalysts, they make the reaction of burning fuel easier and more efficient even at lower temperature. Fuel Catalysts don't actually mix with the fuel, they chemically alter in to a different substance. This new type of fuel therefore, burns better than an ordinary fuel, making it more efficient.

If a vehicle runs normally, 85% of the energy produced by the reaction is heat. With this, only 15% of the energy is actually used in running your engine. When you add a fuel catalyst, the burning of the fuel (gasoline or diesel) becomes more efficient. This makes the engine operates at a lower temperature; this means that less energy is being lost as heat, so more of the energy is used to power your car. This will then increase your car's horsepower and gas mileage. Using fuel catalyst also produces fewer byproducts because of the increased efficiency of the reaction, resulting to less buildup inside the engine and contributing to more efficiency. A cleaner engine also means fewer engine breakdowns and fewer tune-ups, thus MORE SAVINGS. 

Fuel Catalysts, particularly JBM Manna Catalayst reduce pollution. There are situations that when fuel burns efficiently, there is the tendency that more carbon dioxide is produced, but lesser carbon monoxide. Let us bear in mind that carbon monoxide is more toxic than carbon dioxide. Since fuel catalysts burns more efficiently, fewer fuel is being used, thus lesser carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide is emitted into the air.

There are so many factors to consider why consumers are skeptical. The best thing to do however is to use the Fuel Catalyst at least in a month or two before saying that there is no improvement. Consumers complain every time there is a price increase of just P0.50 centavos or P1.00 but they fail to monitor their actual consumption. Fuel Catalyst contributes to better engine run, better engine combustion, cleaner engine, lesser noise, increases your mileage, and lesser toxic emissions. With all of these, consumers can save a lot, and can immediately recover the increase in prices.


Consumers must be sure that their Fuel Catalysts or even any kind of additive have passed the laboratory tests of the different Government agencies like DOST, DENR and DOE. There are so many additives in the market, so it would be best that your Fuel Catalyst should have a Certificate of Fuel Additive Registration (CFAR).